Research -- Reports
Numerical Solution of the Buckley-Leverett Equation with a general fractional flow function, Report no. 76, Dept. of Mathematics, Univ. of Bergen, Norway Abstract Simulating Flow in Fractures and Fracture Closure on a Generic Valhall Model, Unifob / CIPR Report UP 03 / 2006 (w. Standnes, Dag) (confidential) Abstract An Improved Compaction Model for Reservoir Simulating and Coupled Flow -- Stress Simulation, Unifob / CIPR Report UP 05 / 2007 Abstract Benefits and Drawbacks of Horizontal vs. Geological Based Simulation Grids -- a study based on a Troll Segment Model, Unifob / CIPR Report UP 03 / 2008 (confidential) Abstract Two-phase Upscaling in Homogeneous Reservoir Examples. IFRA PASF JIP WP3 Phase 0 Simulation Study, Uni CIPR Report UC 20/2014 Abstract