Research -- Presentations
The Gullfaks Field -- A Modelling Challenge, Fourth Int. Forum on Reservoir Simulation, Salzburg, Austria, Aug.-Sep. 1992 Building, Managing, and History Matching very large and Complex Grids -- with Examples from the Gullfaks Field, ECMOR* IV, Røros, Norway, June 1994 Introductory presentation, History Matching Workshop, Statoil, Stavanger, Norway, Oct. 1999 History Matching & Rock Mechanics, Reservoir Mechanics 20 years anniversary, Univ. of Bergen, Norway, Aug. 2002 A Novel Approach to Compaction Modeling in Sand / Sandstone Reservoirs, SPE Bergen, annual meeting, Bergen, Norway, Apr. 2004 Effects to be Considered when Planning Late Stage Depressurisation, CIPR techn. seminar, Bergen, Norway, May 2004 Effects to be Considered when Planning Late Stage Depressurisation, 13th European Symposium on Improved Oil Recovery, Budapest, Hungary, Apr. 2005 Modelling of Tail Production by Optimizing Depressurisation, 26th IEA Ann. Workshop & Symposium on Enhanced Oil Recovery, Makuhari, Japan, 2005 Sandstone Compaction Modelling and Reservoir Simulation, EAGE conf. & techn. exhibition, Madrid, Spain, June 2005 Extended version of presentation above Compaction Modelling by Coupled Rock Mechanics and Reservoir Simulation, CIPR techn. seminar, Bergen, Norway, May 2006 Reservoir Simulator Compaction Modelling: A Predictor for Accelerated Coupled Rock Mechanics -- Reservoir Simulation, ECMOR X, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Sept. 2006 Using Relations Between Fluid Pressure and Mean Effective Stress to Accelerate Iterative Coupled Simulation, FORCE / JCR Workshop on Coupled Modelling, Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, Stavanger, Norway, Nov. 2006 Some Practical Considerations on Scaling, CIPR Upscaling Workshop, Bergen, Norway, Apr. 2007 Efficient Compaction Modelling on the Valhall Field, CIPR Seminar, Geilo, Norway, Feb. 2009 Compaction, Permeability, and Fluid Flow in Brent-type Reservoirs Under Depletion and Pressure Blowdown, CIPR techn. seminar, Bergen, Norway, May 2010 Horizontal Simulation Grids as Alternative to Structure-Based Grids for Thin Oil-Zone Problems: A Comparison Study on a Troll Segment, SPE Bergen One-day Seminar April 2010 & ECMOR XII, Oxford, UK, Sept. 2010 Loading and Unloading -- Compaction vs. Expansion. Material Behaviour -- Models, CO2 Workshop Bergen 22. - 24. Nov. 2011 LYBCO2 - Simulation & Matching of DH4 injection build-up period, Longyearbyen April 2012 LYBCO2 - 5-days Final. Simulation & Matching of injection test DH4 Longyearbyen Svalbard, Oslo / Bergen March 2013. Water-oil Rel-perm: Scale Change, Dimensions, Simulator,... FORCE JIP Workshop Solstrand, May 2014. Composite Injection Simulation and Upscaling, FORCE JIP Meeting Stavanger March 2015. Validation of STARS composite EOR schemes, includng Pitfalls and Traps to look out for..., FORCE JIP Meeting Stavanger March 2015. When Interpolation of more than two sets of rel-perm curves is needed: Restart option, FORCE JIP Meeting Stavanger March 2015. Compaction - Fluid Flow Interaction: The Hows and Whys of Coupled Rock Mechanics and Flow Simulation, IOR Norway, Stavanger April 2015.
*European Conference on the Mathematics of Oil Recovery,