Role Playing Games
Welcome to Øystein’s Dungeon Dedicated to the golden age* of RPGs *When sound and graphics was good enough to make enjoyable games, but before they became the focus of the games Detailed walk-throughs of some games which I have thoroughly enjoyed -- not your ordinary walk-through (numerous excellent WTs on the net anyway), but more of a stroll down memory lane for those who have played them -- with complete maps, dialogue, screenshots... The games are presented the way I played them, not with all possible solutions; but party and sequence may be “near-optimal”, as I’ve played most of the presented games at least four times.
My RPG golden era Hall of Fame 11 Games you must play before you die. Dungeon Master Chaos Strikes Back Elder Scrolls - Arena Elder Scrolls - Morrowind [pdf] Might and Magic 7 Might and Magic 9 Ultima 4 Ultima Underworld Wizardry 6 Wizardry 7 Wizardry 8